Maven Repositories

Dist provides private Maven repositories that support the Maven 2 Repository Layout. Tools compatible with this layout include Maven, Gradle, sbt, Leiningen, and more. We provide native support for HTTPS download/upload from these tools without the need for plugins and/or wagons.


The Dist web interface provides contextual usage documentation within each repository.

Artifact deletion

Dist currently does not support deletion of artifacts from your repositories. Artifact deletion can lead to unexpected build or deployment failures that can be difficult or even impossible to for you to recover from.

Ideally your artifacts should be immutable once pushed to avoid any potential for these build or deployment failures. However, we realise that it may sometimes be necessary to delete artifacts either explicitly or as a part of lifecycle and will support this feature in the future when we can do so in a safe and user-friendly manner.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback you have regarding deletion support.

Service quotas


The following service quotas apply during our open beta. We intend to increase or eliminate many of these quotas in the future. If you have an immediate need for a quota increase please let us know.

Resource Default Quota
Maximum number of repositories (of any kind) 100
Maximum artifact size 1 GiB