Downloading Maven artifacts

If you wish to download a Maven artifact directly from a Dist Maven repository (for example a Spring Boot fat JAR) you can construct a URL that will allow you to do so. You will need to ensure you have an access token (referred to as <access_token> below) with access to the requested repository that has at least the "Reader" permitted role. The following information will also be required:

  • <organization>: Dist organization short name (i.e. <organization>
  • <repository>: The repository short name.
  • <group_id>: The Maven group ID. You need to replace "." characters with "/" characters in the group ID.
  • <artifact_id>: The Maven artifact ID.
  • <version>: The version string of the required artifact.
  • <extension>: Typically .jar.

You can then construct a URL of the following format to access the required artifact: https://<organization><repository>/<group_id>/<artifact_id>/<version>/<artifact_id>-<version>.<extension>

You must use HTTP Basic Authentication to access this URL where the username is "dist" and the password is <access_token>.

A worked example using curl is as follows:

  • Organization: Example (
  • Repository: maven-example
  • Group ID: com.example
  • Artifact ID: test
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Extension: jar
  • Access token: syinr3eolii6vjvdoodesxdo4v3zrc2vif5ebavucn477wy7e4xa
curl -u dist:syinr3eolii6vjvdoodesxdo4v3zrc2vif5ebavucn477wy7e4xa -O

The following tools can assist with automating this process and may better suit your deployment process: